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Updated: Aug 19, 2023

The MIZO Dual USB Universal Travel Adapter is a versatile and essential accessory for travelers, offering worldwide compatibility for charging electronic devices. Here's a short summary of its key features:

1. Universal Compatibility: The travel adapter accepts plugs from over 150 countries, including US/EU/UK/AU plugs, making it suitable for use in various regions such as Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and more.

2. Safety Features: The adapter is equipped with built-in safety shutters that protect users from direct contact with live parts on the socket outlet, enhancing safety during usage.

3. All-in-One Design: The charger includes 5 different input plugs that can be tightly connected into one compact adaptor, reducing the need for carrying multiple chargers.

4. Dual USB Charging Ports: The travel adapter features two USB ports that are compatible with a wide range of USB devices, including smartphones (e.g., Apple iPhone, Samsung), tablets, cameras, and more.

5. Specifications: The power rating of the adapter is 6A max with a voltage range of 100-240Vac, allowing it to handle different voltage standards around the world. However, it does not convert electrical output current and voltage.

6. Warranty and Customer Service: MIZO offers a 24-month limited product warranty and 24/7 customer service, ensuring users have reliable support for their purchase.

In summary,this is a compact and practical solution for travelers, providing safe and convenient charging options for their electronic devices across the globe.

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